Office Move Plan

At the heart of every successful commercial move is a firm commitment to creating a sound game plan. Your Boston Office Movers Planning team will work with you and your staff to ensure that all facets of your office moving or warehouse moving project are carefully planned out.

Site Survey:

The first step in planning a successful commercial move is to conduct a detailed site survey of your origin and destination locations. This site survey enables our commercial relocation consultants to:

  • Prepare a detailed inventory of all items to be moved. This will help us determine the time and labor necessary to accomplish the move with maximum efficiency.
  • Learn about specific needs, issues and concerns relating to your business that may affect the progress of the move.
  • Analyze the most effective routes to exit your existing space and enter your new location.

The site survey will help us develop an accurate assessment of the charges associated with your move. A written cost estimate and proposal will then be submitted to you covering all aspects of your move.

Move Schedule and Pre-Move Meetings:

Based on the information gathered during the site survey, your consultant will develop a move schedule with a detailed time line that explains our recommendations for carrying out the move in the most efficient manner. The move schedule will establish dates and times for Crates deliveries, tagging and marking, packing, building protection, the main move and any post move activities.

Upon receipt of approved Floor plans from you or from your move coordinator, Boston Office Movers will set up a meeting with your staff to develop a color coding and numbering system which will properly identify all items to be transferred and their exact locations at the new premises. At that point, your Boston Office Movers consultant will begin the process of reserving vehicles, equipment and labor.

Upon your request, your Boston Office Movers consultant will conduct a pre-moving workshop with staff members to discuss general move preparation, packing, etc. In addition to that, we will contact building management of origin and destination locations to secure elevator reservations and prepare certificates of insurance.

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