Lab Move Management

As a commercial moving company, we serve you as movers.But our experience in the commercial moving field toed us that you, the customer need more from just a mover.We develop a “Move Management Task System” only for Commercial Moving.

We implements that by providing you with this services:

  • Lab relocation Project Manager
  • Providing you with details Lab relocation cost and services
  • Move Management Task System
  • Giving you a details move plan
  • Working with you closely, on all office & Lab relocation aspects
  • Visiting both location
  • Providing details Equipment’s list
  • Supervising your move process
  • Available for you 24/7 (cell phone # , will be giving you on your 1st meeting)

Move Management Task System

We develop a “Move Management Task System” only for office relocation.

  • Our move management task system will help you to be on the top of the move task In advance to moving day.
  • We can provide you with electronic system, that have a task related to the preparation for moving.
  • This system will connect between you and our office, to make shore all task been done and you ready.
  • The “Move Management Task System” will email you every morning a reminder regarding task assign to you, and you can see also task assign to our company.
  • This system can be assign for more then one person in your company.
  • This service is free, and provided to all our customers.

“Moving office is a complex project that needs a great deal of thought and careful planning. Preparation is essential and it is important not to underestimate how much time is required to move office. There is more to an office relocation than the physical moving process and careful advance planning will ensure the project is a success”.

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