Warehouse & Industrial Moving

Moving a major warehouse operation can be a daunting task for an inexperienced moving company.

At Boston office movers we have the equipment, vehicles and team members necessary to plan and coordinate complex warehouse moves. Through meticulous planning and superior project management, we will develop customized solutions that address the unique needs of your industrial relocation.
Stock Room Relocation Services

To assure the secure and timely relocation of stockrooms, Boston office movers employs use the rolling stock carts. These rolling Carts / bins have proven to be the most efficient, reliable and state of the art way to transport the contents of your warehouse stockrooms. All carts are shrink wrapped for transportation.

This is the manner in which our warehouse specialists will handle your stockroom relocation:

  • Boston Office Movers project team will set up a tagging system that will assure the proper placement of your stock items.
  • We will color code your floor plans to correspond to your steel racking at the new location.
  • Example- Bin #24 with the shelves tagged A-F with a red tag.
  • A red tagged bin will mean that the bin came from the mezzanine stockroom #1.
  • The bin is marked 24, which means it can from rack #24 at origin.
  • The individual’s shelves are marked A-F, to correspond to the shelf on rack # 24.
  • All packing of bins will be done in the sequence system of “left to right”, and unpacked in the new location “left to right”.
  • All bins will be shrinking wrapped for safety and protection.

Machinery Moving:

Boston Office Movers capable of relocating your plant and machinery on time and on budget with a complete factory to factory turn key operation. Our team of professional rigging specialists will meet with your Warehouse Staff to develop a logistical plan that ensures minimal downtime of your warehouse operations. Following are some of our specialized services:

  • Light Machinery Moving.
  • Warehouse & Crating.
  • Dismantling & Re-installing Industrial Fixtures.

After performing a site visit to evaluate your move project, Boston Office Movers will set up a series of “move meetings” with your coordination team prior to your move date to answer any questions they may have and prepare a detailed move plan.

“Moving office is a complex project that needs a great deal of thought and careful planning. Preparation is essential and it is important not to underestimate how much time is required to move office. There is more to an office relocation than the physical moving process and careful advance planning will ensure the project is a success”.