Tagging System

The transition phase between planning and your actual move is called “Tagging System”.

Each employee or work area will be assigned a move number that will be written on tags. These moving tags will be affixed to all items to be moved. Your move consultant will instruct your staff on the proper method of affixing moving tags to furniture, Moving Crates, cabinets, etc. We will also supply “DO NOT MOVE” tags for furniture and effects not included in the office relocation.

Additionally, we will place placards (directional signs) at your destination location to correspond to the color coding/numbering system established during the planning process. Placards and directional signs will be placed at all entrances and corridors of the new building to ensure the continuous flow of effects. And avoid “double-handling”.

The process of coding floor plans is the first step in developing a logical and fluid manner. Every item to be moved must be identified and labeled so that it may be placed by the mover in its exact destination location. A tag also instructs a mover how to handle that item.

“Moving office is a complex project that needs a great deal of thought and careful planning. Preparation is essential and it is important not to underestimate how much time is required to move office. There is more to an office relocation than the physical moving process and careful advance planning will ensure the project is a success”.

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