Packing Services

Office moving packing is different from packing for household move by far.

“The Key for office move packing is the equipment and the resource, your office movers can provide you with.”

For office move you don’t use cardboard boxes (at must cases), you using Moving crates.

The moving crates are a complete office move system that aliment the labor time of your movers.

Or can give the advantage to provide your employee with system that they can pack by them self, and save you money.

The moving crates are not just for files, we can provide you with different type of moving crates, and we have the right office move equipment to provide solutions for whatever doesn’t fit inside the moving crates.

The moving crate solution can be use to move:

  • Personal office contents
  • Legal and letter size files
  • Legal and letter size files.
  • Computer (monitors, PC, keyboard and muse).
  • X-Ray files

Check the complete “Moving Crate System” section at our site to see the Big Picture.

Our project manager will go with you step by step to provide you the best solutions for your office move packing needs, to feed your budget.

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