Office Moving FAQ

Commercial Move FAQ’s

When do I start planning my office move?

It is never too early to start planning for successful office relocation! Establishing space requirements, furniture needs, and phone system modifications are just a few of the beginning steps in order to get prepared for the move.

Intense pre-move planning should start NO later than 90 days prior to relocation date, depending on the size and scope of the relocation. Final planning and move plans should be in place and started within 30 days of the move. Call us today to start planning the details of your office move with our Relocation Consulting.

What size moves can you handle?

We can handle any size office relocation. We recommend you select Commercial movers that have experience and knowledge for a relocation of your scope and size. Asking for references of recently performed projects of your size move is not uncommon.

How do you ensure there is the right number of movers and trucks for the move?

We utilize a time and motion study combined with experience in commercial moving with relocation of all sizes. Any experienced mover should be able to accurately estimate crew and van sizes based on scope of work, constraints of the building and the time frame required to perform the project. All of this information should be included in your proposal.

Are packing and unpacking services provided?

We offer complete packing and unpacking services for any commercial relocation, depending on your needs.

How are cubicles and partitions handled?

The de-installation and installation of cubicles and partition walls should be handled by trained and experienced furniture installers. All qualified commercial movers should be able to offer this service or refer you to a vendor that specializes in a particular product.

How is fragile inventory or machinery protected?

We protect your fragile items with specialized office relocation equipment and materials such as custom crates, bubble wrap and moving blankets.

Do you dissemble and reassemble furniture?

The assembly of normal office desks, returns and U-shaped desk configurations, as well as conference room tables, should be handled by the move crews as a standard service. Everything that is taken apart should be put back together as it was found.

Are the floors protected during the move?

The use of Masonite should be used on all marble or sensitive tile floors without question, regardless of the amount of product moved across it. Carpets should be protected with plastic carpet mask in high traffic areas, and protections for walls.

How are items organized during the office relocation?

We provide moving labels for every item that is moved. These labels assist in placing furniture, tracking miscellaneous items and organizing large amounts of product during the relocation process.

Do you move offices within the same building?

Internal relocation are often easier and less stressful. Providing internal relocation should not be a problem for any experienced commercial mover.

Can you move us after business hours or over the weekend?

The majority of commercial relocation occur during this time period due to the constraints of the building. Because of our capable resources, requesting a move after hours or over the weekend should not be an issue.

Insured and Licensed

Do you provide building insurance?

All commercial moving companies must offer a minimum amount of General Liability and Workman’s Compensation insurance in order to perform work in tenant buildings.

If a vendor is not willing or does not carry these insurance minimums, be wary going forward.

Is your company insured and licensed?

Yes. All companies should be able to provide a Certificate of Insurance and a license to perform work in that area, upon request.